We are skating from December, 30 till January, 8
By the time of publication of this announcement, we had 104 requests from rollers. Why so? Because our Camp is:

- training on fresh air and good asphalt
- friendly team of interesting people
- absolutely unique atmosphere
- high level coaches
- celebrating New Year with games, special dishes and fireworks
- special team games
- big and comfortable hotel with gym, spa, pool and cafe
- the best mood, as always at RollerLine events
Watch this video to see why you should definitely go:
Participation costs 150 €
Second and third program will cost 130 €
what is included
Each program is designed specifically for the camp and includes two workouts per day, and sometimes one - rest is necessary. Some programs take place at different times, which means it will be possible to attend two of them. The schedule will be posted soon on our facebook page.

Besides roller trainings, there will be power and functional trainings without skates.

The most useful program!

You will learn how to gain speed and how to stop, how not to be afraid of hills, how to skate nicely on one leg and on 2 wheels, how to skate backwards. You will be able to skate easily and confidently and as a bonus we will do some jumping and skating around cones :)

At the end we will skate correctly, nicely and carefully, and we will start to enjoy skating ;)

To take part in this course you will need skates and protective gear.

You will improve the level of skating greatly: add complexity to basic exercises and tricks, perform tricks on high speed and in 'not ideal' conditions. We will also work with style of skating to make your technique look more professional.

Besides , you will learn jumps and slides, start to skate slalom and a little bit of artistic skating. There will be a lot of 'skating tips' like 2 wheels turning, various spinnings, unusual balances, and a lot more.

To take part in this course you should be able to gain speed, to stop, and to skate backwards a little.

This course will be separated into 2 parts, slides and jumps. This format gives an awesome opportunity to teach people with different skating levels very effectively, and during the last 2 years we've learned how to do it well. One person trains acid, another one trains acid wheeling, the third one trains unity, and everyone is comfortable.

The leaders of this course are Shambler and Feanor, who are real masters and fans of freeskate.

To take part in this course you should be able to skate backwards and to jump. The ability to do 360 and parallel slide will be quite good for you and it will give you some extra opportunities, but it is not essential.

Transfers, wallrides, spins, overjumps, skatecross and a bit outside of skatepark. The background photo is really our skatepark where we will skate! It's beton, big and suitable for different levels of skills, with thought-out radius and figure placement.

The leaders of this course are Feanor and Shambler, who are real fans and masters of skatepark skating.

To take part in this course you should be able skate in radius. Skills in overjumps and skating backwards will be an advantage and give you some extra opportunities, but they are not essencial.

There will be 2 groups separated by skill levels, both of them coached by Sergey Timchenko. Sergey was number 1 of the World Slalom Ranking for 4 years in a row, 5 times World Champion, 8 times European Champion, 6 times Russia Champion, and since 2015 he has been invited for masterclasses to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities and to other countries.

Sergey: «In our course we will improve our skills of one wheel, wheeling tricks, we will speak about the quality of transitions and we will learn some style tricks. We will also discuss training plans and mental preparation for competitions. I will share some of my little secrets and lifehacks ;) And of course we won't forget about exercises without skates»

To take part in this course you should be able to do crazy (grapewine) and one foot on line. Skills of wheelings and jump tricks will be an advantage, but they are not nessecary.

During the camps, children will learn how to pick up speed and stop properly, beautifully and safely; overcome curbs, stairs and bumps; ride on one leg and perform many more fun and interesting tricks. And the most important thing is to enjoy skating and sports!

If your child can already skate well, we will teach the most interesting things from different areas of roller-sport: style-slalom, freeskate and a little bit of skatepark.

If you are not sure which program to enroll your child in, please contact Sergey, he will estimate the level of skating and tell you what can be done to make the trainings as comfortable and fun as possible.
Where we will live
We booked a hotel as close to our place of trainings as possible.

It's a very comfortable hotel with a gym, a swimming pool, a spa, a restaurant, elevators and conference halls. We decided to book this hotel after 5 days of visiting all the hotels near, and we are sure that it is the best.

Here are some photos and the location of the hotel on the map, isn't it wonderful? :)
Price for the hotel
the cost of living for the whole trip per person:

In a single room — 290 €
In a twin room – 210 €
In a triple room – 190 €
In a quadruple room – 175 €

The price includes breakfast and using the hotel's sport centre (gym, spa, pool).

Besides the accommodation it's nessecary to pay 35 € for the New Years celebration – it is a hotel rule. This includes a special celebration hall and a special New Year's menu. We are free of special progams (which would cost twice more) – we will have our own program! :-)

Kids under 5 years are living for free if they dont need additional place.

If you want to leave earlier or later after the course, you don't need to book the hotel by yourself, you need to contact us as soon as possible, and we will find accommodation for you with our discount.
You can also ask any other questions on accommodation using the link above.
— When do I need to pay ?
There are no dates when you need to pay, but places can be sold out, so better hurry up.

— How can I pay?
You can give it when you will arrive or transfer money in advance. We will tell all the information after we receive your request.

— I dont skate, but you have amazing people, can I go with you?
We will organize skates camp and waiting only skaters. If you are relative, we are happy to be together.

— If I can't go, will I get a refund?
We will refund the training immediately and without any problems. The refund for the hotel depends on the hotel. We will do our best to get the money back, but we cannot promise it. If you want another person to go instead of you, no problem.

— I think there is no suitable training program for me.
Choosing a program for you is the simplest task we can solve. There are a lot of them, every year everyone find there place. You can send you request and we will contact with you and we will tell you everything and help you to find your group.

— Will something be organized in addition to training?
The peculiarity of the camp is that the get-together and movement occur constantly, every second.
There will be a celebration of the New Year, a pre-New Year team quest and a couple of activities that we don't want to talk about in advance. In addition, the regime is such that only the evenings are free, and for every evening we have plans and activities. And we will have rest days in which we can walk in the center of Burgas and see various interesting things.
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